Tuesday, February 22, 2011 11:36:00 AM Categories: Photo Shoots

Back in 2004 we met up with a spritely  lass who wanted to pose for us and wished to go by the name Princess Adora. We posted up some really great pictures on her page and also had some great pics with her on that year's 4th of July page.

Sadly, when our hard drive crashed back in 2006, several sets of files were not recoverable and hers were one of them and with her moving out of town we were not able to do a re-shoot...

Until now!

We are fortunate that we found a backup copy of her pictures on a CD that had fallen behind our work station (shows how often we clean the place up, huh?) and have just repost all the pictures from her original sets for you to enjoy.

Not only that, but we've found out that she should be moving back closer to town soon and is talking about making up for lost time with another set or two of pictures in the very near future.

So click on over to the year 2004 and please enjoy Princess Adora.

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