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Happy Holiday Time!

It's the Holidays and even with all the Social Distancing and hand sanitizer everyone always enjoys the spirit of the Holidays no matter how you celebrate it. To that end, we here at Babes with Blades are happy to bring a smile to your face and... read more

It's Halloween Time!

It's Halloween time again and here in the Babes with Blades Glamor Graveyard do we ever have a great selection of Treats for you, no Trick! Fifteen Albums of Spooky Lovliness with Blades Babes to put a smile on you face. Yes, this Eye candy won't ... read more

More Great Albums to enjoy while Locked In

Greetings all from your Babes with Blades Blademaster. As you can see I am doing what I can with this Quarantine and proudly wearing my Face Mask to make sure all our models stay safe. In the mean time we know it gets boring just sitting about so ... read more

Valentine's Babes of 2020

To help celebrate the 20th anniversary of our humble little web site we would like to start things off with a killer themed set for this year's Valentine's Day. To really put the "Wow" into romance this year we took over 3400 pictures to bring... read more

Holy Smokes it's been 20 years Already!

Twenty years ago we started this little project we happily named Babes with Blades as an excuse to have a fun hobby with photography, digital editing and web site construction... and maybe as an excuse to meet pretty girls and buy more swords.... read more