Yes, we've got problems

Greetings fans of Bladed Babedom! As you have noticed, we have not posted any new images to a page designed for 2021. The reason for this is that the program we use to upload our pictures to this site relied on Flash... which went toes up at the first of the year. Unfortunately the good folks who help keep this site running have been having a devil of a time upgrading the programming to allow us to load new pictures to the site and so... we wait patiently for the upgraded program code to be written. On top of that, there was a catastropic system crash with the personal system computer that wiped out practically all files from the beginning of 2021 which included some really great Valentine's sets. Not to worry, these files are being reconstructed and will be some of the first posted once the new programming code is finished. In the mean time, please enjoy these past 20 years or awesome pictures it has been our privaliage to do for you and keep your fingers crossed for more new sets to be uploaded soon.


Thanks for your patience,

The Staff at Babes with Blades


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